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            TWS Technology Supports China's First Source-Grid-Load-Storage Project
            January 12, 2022

            Recently, the 70MW/140MWh smart energy storage of ENVISION Group has been delivered, supporting the first phase of China's first "Source-Grid-Load-Storage" project, New Generation Grid Friendly Green Power Plant Demonstration Project in the Three Gorges Ulanqab, in which the battery system integration is provided by TWS Technology.?

            This demonstration project is the first batch of "source-network-load-storage" integrated demonstration projects in China, with 3,100,000 kilowatts of total installed capacity, including 2,800,000 million kilowatts of wind power, 300,000 kilowatts of photovoltaic power, and 880,000 kilowatts of supporting energy storage facilities × 2 hours. After completion, it will be the world's largest energy storage configuration, as well as the single new energy plant with the highest proportion.

            Connect to the Grid_2_790 444.jpg

            TWS's standard air-cooled ESS pack

            TWS Technology has been committed to the exploration of ESS industry and has developed a series of mature air-cooled and liquid-cooled standard platforms with traceability of all products, providing customers with full-scenario energy storage system solutions. Up to now, TWS's ESS battery module/pack solutions have been applied in many major energy storage projects, escorting the power market and grid transformation with safe, efficient, and economical products and services. Under the 30·60 goal, clean energy is gradually becoming the main power source, and TWS Technology will continue to help energy decarbonization transformation and zero-carbon power construction through technological innovation and integration of wind and solar storage.