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            Battery Module Solutions

            TWS VDA modules fully conform with the German Association of Automotive Industry Standard. This ready-to-use solution provides multiple cell configuration options with on-demand design flexibility, which would allow for condensed project timelines with minimal design development. The TWS VDA modules are widely used in electric vehicles in part because of the superior quality.

            • Electric Passenger Cars

            • Electric Buses and Trucks

            • Light Electric Vehicles

            • Electric Excavators

            Why TWS?

            • Cost competitiveness with cell energy options

            • Ultra-long cycle life

            • Optimal mechanical light weight design against?the risk of cell thermal runaway

            • Options for local assembly with short lead times


            1. TWS VDA Module Battery Solutions

            2. TWS-6S1P-102-NCM

            3. TWS-9S1P-135-NCM