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            Technical Competencies

            Battery Expertise

            With over 20 years professional experiences in battery design and manufacturing and 200+ engineers globally located, TWS has extensive cell and battery expertise and knowhow of application requirements.

            Comprehensive Design Capability

            TWS has comprehensive design capability on Li-ion batteries, including well-engineered software and hardware platform powered BMS from simple to complex master-slave systems that cover many applications and communication protocols. The sophisticated simulation capabilities in both mechanics & thermal that ensure our robust design solves power challenges while keeping safe, reliability but bringing reliability with best performance to cost ratio, Design-to-Quality & Design-to-Cost.

            Innovation with Intellectual Property Rights

            Being an innovative technology company, TWS has always been focusing on?technological breakthroughs and innovations in the renewable energy and adjacent industries, with over 100 international patents cover a broad range of technology arenas, including several key patents in the active cell balancing since as 2011. The Patent Committee of TWS has been ensuring the continuous growth of our patent portfolio organically in various regions.

            Fully Integrated End-to-End Product Development Capability

            As a customer-oriented company, TWS has been focusing on building turnkey solutions proactively on the industrial horizons and being one-stop shop turning bare cells into total Lithium-ion battery solutions of various applications. The entire production process for SMT, plastic molding & pack manufacturing ensures short turnaround time and quick identification of technology, product and production related problems.

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